Village Drežnica

The village Drežnica lies in the middle of untouched peace, near the west Slovene border, in the most
beautiful sites of Primorska, underneath the mighty Krn Mountain (2245m), far away from the noise of cities,
and yet only an hour from Nova Gorica and Idrija, as well as from Udine and Treviso, Italy, and two hours from

Our family, Kurinčič, with the informal local name ‘Lovriž’, lives in the centre of this pleasant village, in the house number 22. You are invited to enjoy our hospitality. From our house there is a splendid view to the Krn Mountain, to Ozben, to Krasji Vrh and to the wonderful village area.
For the time being we can only offer you lodging in one three-bed room, one single room and three double-bedded rooms. The food is provided in the nearby restaurant Jelkin hram.
In the intact nature of the Alps you will discover rich legacy of diligent people, look at the scary memories of the 1st World War, enjoy the blissful peacefulness of the mountain peaks, find pleasure in the adrenaline adventures, like canoeing, kayaking, paragliding or whatever you may desire. The offer of the activities is really wide.
If you like the wild, the adventurous, the challenge, if you like discovering new worlds, this is the right place for you.

How to find us

You come to Drežnica on a road
from Kobarid. In the direction of Bovec, slightily before the end of Kobarid,
that is near the police station, turn right, following the traffic boards. If
you come from Tolmin you can turn right even before Kobarid, just after having
passed the petrol station. Go on approximately 200 meters to the bridge over the
Soča River. Right after the bridge the road for Drežnica branches off on the
left steeply. Continue driving 5 km and you arrive in the village Drežnica.

Arriving to the village, approximately 100 meters after the board, you are in
the main village’s crossing. There you can see also an information board and a
plan that shows several interesting points. Our rooms are in the house directly
behind the plan. A few meters from there, you can see a sign that directs you to
the balcony where the main door is. Welcome!

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Who are we

We are a big family dealing with eco agricultures and offering rooms for rent in our house. We also do
plenty of other things and because we are many in our family, we are never bored.



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