Drežnica lies in a location ideal for various sports enthusiasts. It is situated below the mountains (the Krn Mountain), therefore it is a great starting point for mountaineers. The peaks around here are ideal starting points for paragliders. Only a few kilometers away there are the most popular Slovene places for kanyoning, rafting, canoeing and kayaking on the Soča River and other smaller rivers.

The ski centre Kanin is very close. It is open in winter time and, if the snow conditions are good, till May. There is a possibility of fishing in the near rivers, and with an agreement made in advance also hunting in accompainment of the hunters.
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The first world war

The 1st World War marked theis area strongly for it is the area of the Isonzo Front, and it was in these mountains where one of the greatests mountain battles took place. This land drank a lot of blood of the natives and of the enemies, it is full of the remains of barbed wire and military machinery, from cannons to cartridges. Especially in caverns, improvized shelters in the mountains, which served as magazines and as refuge. Nowadays there are not much remains left as after the war they were precious means of survival for the locals. The corrugated iron that used to cover the trenches, nowadays still covers many hay barns around Drežnica. The remains were full of pieces of precious metals that became good means of survival in the period of general distress.

Various interesting remains from the 1st World War, and also a pleasant historical review of life in Drežnica can be seen in the museum of Mirko Kurinčič, in Drežnica 22a, where you will be warmly welcomed. (That is the neighbouring house. Eventual reservations can be made on our e-mail address.)

The carneval

Every year in late winter time crowds are attracted by a special happening, the Carnival of Drežnica. It takes place on Shrove Saturday (the Saturday before the Shrove Tuesday). We are sure you will be fascinated and enraptured by its originality.The Carnival of Dre ica is not only a simple carnival procession, it is a series of various interwoven events and quite a few different traditions. The Carnival is organized by the lads. All the preparations are strictly kept in secret. The Carnival goes on the whole day.

The first group of the masks are ‘the ugly ones’. They might remind one of the Kurent mask. The mask is carved out of wood, with tanned sheep hide and ram horns fixed on it. The mask is painted mostly in shades of lively red and black. The wearer is covered with tanned sheep hide and wears bells round his waist, that ring while he is running. He carries the nylons stuffed with ashes which he uses to beat some mischievous youngster or a passing by lass. The noisy and scarry appearance, as well as the name itself tell that this character is probably the most original, a remain of pagan rituals that used to chase away winter’s demons and call spring to come. It is live and powerful.

The second group is ‘the procession’, also called ‘the beautiful ones’. They go from house to house all over the village. They stop at each house, greet kindly, have a drink and dance merrily accompanied by the sound of the accordion. There are some other characters, each of them with his own appearance and characteristics: ‘Rezjan’, Death, Devil, Doctor. There’s also a lottery, called ‘Each wins’, where truly each ticket wins a prize. In the afternoon there is a show taking place in the main square (‘Plac’). One of the carnival charcters got ill and needs to be operated. The surgical methods can be real fun! Unfortunately operation does not succeed and the poor fellow dies. .. His body is burnt after three days.

TV Slovenia produced a documentary about the Carnival of Drežnica but you can see even more in its authentic environment. If you want to know more:

  • from Drežnica lads (rtf)
  • publication of SAZU (Slovenian Academy for Arts and Science) (pdf)
  • (both publications are only in Slovenian for now)



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